Fake is the sixth episode of Season One of "The New Directions" and the sixth overall. It is set to air on February 5, 2013.


Finn becomes concerned about Quinn's new image, and Santana betrays the trust of the glee club. Terri plots to destroy the glee club as Will and Emma slowly drift apart. Artie reveals a near-impossible dream, while other members reveal their own strange secrets.


Tina and ArtieEdit

  • They hit a roadblock this episode.
  • They don't break up.

Finn and QuinnEdit

  • Finn will sing to Quinn in this episode.
  • They have an emotional scene.
  • Quinn does not quit the Cheerios.

Ken, Terri, Will, EmmaEdit

  • Ken and Emma begin dating.
  • Terri tries to seduce Will in a scene.

Studio WorkEdit

  • Mark was in the studio.
  • Cory was in the studio.
  • Naya ws in the studio.
  • Melissa was in the studio.
  • Jenna, Darren, Kevin and Heather were all in the studio the same day, same time.
  • Matthew may have been in the studio.


  • Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. Sung by TBA.
  • TBA from Anything Goes. Sung by Puck.
  • Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. Sung by Finn.
  • Dream A Little Dream of Me by Etta James and Louis Armstrong. Sung by New Directions.
  • Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson. Sung by Santana and Marley.

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