Finn Hudson is the quarterback of the McKinley High Titans as well as the captain of the New Directions. He joined the club prior to Pilot and it is also when he first appeared.



Finn is present in the choir room when Mr. Schuester tells the glee club about recruits. He sings Billionaire with Puck and Artie in the courtyard to recruit new members, and is also seen at the auditions of Tina Cohen-Chang and Blaine Anderson.

He discovers Sam Evans in the boys locker room and convinces him to join glee club, noticing that he has a talented voice. Although Sam originally declines, Finn persuades him to audition. He tells then glee club that they shoudl sing Here I Go Again as hope that they can win Regionals this year. He is then present for Marley's audition of Out Here On My Own. At the end of episode, he sings lead on Here I Go Again with the rest of the glee club.


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