"Pilot" is the first episode of "The New Directions" first season and the first overall. It originally aired on December 17, 2012. This episode revolves around the glee club trying to recruit new members and relationships blooming throughout the club.


William Schuester walks into the choir room and tells the group that they need to recruit new members in order to compete at Sectionals and Regionals. The New Directions, consisting of jocks Finn Hudson and Noah "Puck" Puckerman, and "losers" Artie Abrams, Quinn Fabray and Mercedes Jones. 

The next day in the courtyard, two unknown students think about joining glee club. Meanwhile, Finn suggests they do a song to recruit, with most of the group agrees with. They sing Billionaire, but only a couple of students look interested in joining.

Cheerleader Santana Lopez talks with Puck later, telling him that glee club is ruining his popularity and he should quit. However Puck stays true to the club, and shrugs Santana off, to which she looks frustrated about. Will talks to Sue, the cheerleading coach about getting students to join clubs, to which Sue admits she's been struggling to recruit as well this year. Will checks the sing up sheet only to find that two members have signed up; Tina Cohen-Chang and Blaine Anderson. They sing 1234 and Something's Coming and are both accepted.

In the boys locker room, Finn discovers Sam Evans, a freshman jock with a talented singing voice. He tries to get him to join, to which he accepts.

Puck and Santana sing Rolling in the Deep as Santana performes with the cheerios, and they are both visably frustrated with each other.

Mercedes, Quinn and Artie are slushied by some football players, and they meet in the chior room with the rest of the club, saying that "everything is the same as last year" and they are "still losers". Mercedes sings Out Here On My Own as a tag team with auditionee Marley Rose, who is accepted into the club as well.

Finn asks Sam why he didn't audition for glee club, and he says that he didn't want to be slushied and a be a loser his first week as a freshman. Finn tells him that it isn't about popularity; its about the music. This persuades him to join. He sings I'll Be as a song to Marley (they've been flirting) and as his audition. He is presumably accepted by the glee club.

Finn and Mercedes inspire the group in the choir room by suggesting the do a group number to get pumped for the upcoming year. They all agree, and Finn suggests Here I Go Again by Whitesnake.

Meanwhile, Will flirts with guidance conselour Emma Pillsbury in the teachers lounge, and it is revealed that Emma has OCD. Sue interrupts, and tells him that Principal Figgins wants to see them. He announces that the glee club's budget is being cut by 5%, to Will's dismay.

The glee club performes Here I Go Again with Finn on lead, Mr. Schuester watches from the audience, and applauds them as the episode ends.


  • Billionaire by Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars. Sung by Finn, Puck and Artie.
  • 1234 by Feist. Sung by Tina. (unreleased)
  • Something's Coming from West Side Story. Sung by Blaine. (unreleased)
  • Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Sung by Santana and Puck.
  • Out Here On My Own from Fame. Sung by Mercedes and Marley.
  • I'll Be by Edwin McCain. Sung by Sam.
  • Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. Sung by New Directions.

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