William "Will" Schuester" is the spanish teacher at McKinley high school as well as the director of the glee club. He first appears in the episode Pilot.

William Schuester
Vital statistics
Position Glee Club Director, Spanish Teacher
Age Mid 30's
Status Single, Crush on Emma Pillsbury
Physical attributes
Height 5' 10
Weight Unknown



Will first appears while walking into the choir room in Pilot. He informs the group that they need to recruit new members in order to perform at Sectionals. He then talks with cheerleading coach Sue about why no one is signing up for the New Directions.

He is present for the auditions of Tina Cohen-Chang, Blaine Anderson, Sam Evans and Marley Rose, and presumably lets them all in. He watches from the auditorium during the New Directions' performance of Here I Go Again.


  • He is the first character to appear in the series.

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